SA Almeda Õendushaigla offers:

qualified services for patients in need of nursing care and treatment prescribed by a doctor, for example, as a result of trauma or serious illness, or during exacerbation of chronic diseases and their complications.


round-the-clock nursing care, medical examinations, diagnostics (clinical and biochemical blood tests, ultrasound, X-ray, electrocardiogram) and consultations with medical specialists including surgeon, neurologist, physiotherapist (for physical therapy and massage).


Patients can be admitted from home or other hospitals based on a referral from their family doctor or medical specialist.
Information is available on our phone: +372 3929908.
A negative COVID test performed 48 hours before hospitalization is required for hospital admission.


Our patients are people aged 65 and over, but also younger people with a temporary or permanent disability, as well as are on temporary sick leave.


  • Proximity to the sea provides fresh sea air
  • Located in the center of Sillamäe
  • There is a family doctor center in the same building as the hospital.
  • The hospital building is surrounded by a peaceful park with large trees
  • Convenient free parking is available for visitors


  • 24-hour medical care and treatment (medical staff and doctors).
  • Consultations with specialists (surgeon, neurologist, physiotherapist).
  • We prescribe and adjust treatment if necessary.
  • Physiotherapy, massage, ultrasound, X-ray, ECG, clinical and biochemical blood tests (if necessary) are available for the patients onsite.


  • Referral from a family doctor or medical specialist
  • Negative COVID test result
  • Need for round-the-clock nursing care: patients aged 65 and over and younger patients with a temporary or permanent disability, and are temporarily unable to work.


  • Under the terms of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the in-patient fee is € 12.68 per day + € 25 for the first 10 days for additional medical procedures (as of May 2021)

    • The amount of payment is set by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, which, according to contract, pays for 85% of all services; the patient pays the remaining 15%.


  • Modern medical equipment and everything necessary for the care of patients with serious health conditions and limited mobility: functional beds, anti-bedsore mattresses, bedside toilets, special equipment for washing bedridden patients, handrails in toilet rooms, etc.

  • The hospital has one, two and three-bed wards, which are equipped TVs and medical call buttons.


  • It is possible to organize communication between the patient and their relatives through video communication.

  • To do this, contact us on our phone +372 3929908 (weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00) to arrange a video call time.

  •  It is possible to use different communication platforms: Skype, Viber or WhatsApp.

Ivan Pavlovi 12, Sillamäe, 40232 Ida-Viru maakond
+372 3929908